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Non Player Characters

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1 Non Player Characters on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 3:59 pm

Here is a brief list of NPCs that have appeared in the campaign:

Bendaius - Grain Merchant

Cyaphees - Priest of Dengaur, Bendaius’ Chaplain

Giraclus - Captain of Bendaius’ Caravan Guard

Behanius - Petty Merchant

Gryaclees - Sage

Saramohe - Half-Elf Maiden

Jaeklees - Merchant of Jewelry and Fine Housewares

General Kyratos - Mercenary Captain and Ruler of Inkaren

Shefryos - Master of the Khan

Healmun - Innkeeper

Valmos - Friend and Occasional Business Partner of Jaeklees

Maerikus - Officer in Kyratos’ Mercenary Company and Trainer for Hire

Raemikus - Maerikus’ Son, Newly Enlisted in the Militia

- Blacksmith

Dyrestus - Prior of Dyrgon's temple in Inkared

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